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Hollywood Theater Showcases Steeltown Film Factory Shorts


On June 25th, the Hollywood Theater will host a community screening showcasing the best of the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory submissions. The event will feature eight short films from local writers and directors, including a sneak preview of the Steeltown finalist The Beat Goes On. See film descriptions below:

Paper Umbrellas (dir. Julie Jigour)


A young girl struggles to keep her world intact during her mother’s mental breakdown.

All-Sight (dir. Talia Shea Levin)


A grief-stricken father seeks solace in a virtual reality simulator, but discovers that actual reality is a multiplayer game.

Check Yes or No (dir. Molly Duerig)


Written by Kelechi Urama, the ’90s-set coming-of-age story explores the anxiety surrounding a 12-year-old girl’s first kiss.

Woman in a Blue Gown (dir. Miguel Almendarez and Kaleigh Fitzgerald)


A struggling artist paints a wealthy young woman’s portrait – an event that will change both their lives.

Zombie Woman (dir. Kevin Hejna)


A zombie is cured of her disease, but the cure is only temporary.

Always a Bridesmaid (dir. Wendy Grube)


Lizzie tries to find the perfect man before the next family wedding, and in doing so, avoids going out for the dreaded toss of the bouquet.

Franksgiving (dir. Stephen Knezovich)


A bowler’s quests for love – and Thanksgiving turkey – knows no bounds.

The Beat Goes On (dir. Randy Kovitz)


A grieving widower finds his old drum set in the garage, and with it a path back to life.

The Steeltown Film Factory Community Showcase Screening will begin at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. Guests can reserve seats at Showclix or on the Steeltown website.

Past Competitors Return To Steeltown Film Factory Short Film Fest


For five years, the Steeltown Film Factory competition has provided area filmmakers with the opportunity to produce and film their independent short film projects. On Dec. 1st, the organization will celebrate its mission with a free showing of short films and trailers made by its many finalists and entrants.

Among the planned screenings are past winners, including Yulin Kuang‘s coming of age story The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested and comedy troupe Hustlebot‘s film Roll the Dice, as well as selections from semi-finalists. Also being presented is last year’s victor My Date With Adam, which recently premiered at the Three Rivers Film Festival as part of the 2014 Film Factory Competition kick off event.


The Steeltown Film Factory Short Film Fest will take place at the Hollywood Theater at 6 p.m. All attendees will receive a $5 off coupon to enter the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory competition. Short script submissions are now being accepted until Dec. 31st with an early bird deadline of Dec. 15th. See Steeltown’s website for more details on entry requirements and how to submit.

Finalists Go Head-To-Head At Steeltown Film Factory Finale


Last month, three finalists were chosen to move onto the last round of the 2013 Steeltown Film Factory competition. On May 11th, emerging filmmakers Heather GrayGlenn Syska and Dennis Schebetta will see their words come to life as students from the CMU Drama School perform live readings of their short film scripts as part of the Film Factory Finale: … And The Winner Is.

The Purnell Center for the Arts Chosky Theatre will host the event, where a panel of industry professionals will decide which competitor will receive up to $30,000 and a trip to Hollywood. The judges this year are Bling Ring producer, Youree Henley; Michael Killen, owner of Animal, a leading visual effects and media company in Pittsburgh; Roseanne writer/producer, Maxine Lapiduss; and Mad About You writer/producer, Sally Lapiduss. Killen also recently produced Blood Brother, a Sundance-award winning documentary from Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduates Rocky Braat, Steve Hoover, and Danny Yourd.

See a description of each work below:

Life After Deaf, by Heather Gray (Logline: When Donny met Karen, his whole perspective on communication changed. Since then, he has thrived in Karen’s world, while she continues to struggle in his. But Donny finds that he cannot fathom being without Karen and her beautiful culture. This is his life after Deaf.)

The Sketch, by Glenn Syska (Logline: A lonely artist falls in love with one of his drawings, which happens to come to life.)

My Date With Adam, by Dennis Schebetta (Logline: A wedding planner uses Internet dating to find Mr. Right for her upcoming 30th birthday party, but when she has a date with the perfect man, does he turn out to be too perfect, almost machine-like?)

The finale begins at 11 a.m., doors open at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $10, $5 with a valid student ID, and are available for purchase at the Steeltown website. The event will be held in the memory of Ellen Weiss Kander, Steeltown’s Co-Founder and Founding Executive Director. In addition, the finalists will also compete for the honor of winning the 2nd Annual Ellen Weiss Kander Award.

Steeltown Film Factory Semi-Finalists Take On The Director’s Pitch


Last month, the 2013 Steeltown Film Factory quarterfinalists presented their short film scripts to a  panel of industry experts for The Writer’s Pitch. Now the remaining semi-finalists head to round two to undergo The Director’s Pitch.

On April 20th, filmmakers Randy Baumann, Laci Corridor, Heather Gray (pictured above), Dennis Schebetta, and Glenn Syska will compete for a cash prize of up to $30,000 and a trip to Hollywood. During the second event of the competition, the five contestants will receive feedback from panelists Chris Keyser (producer, Party of Five), and Revenge producers, Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts.

The Director’s Pitch takes place in theGRW Theater at Point Park University: University Center. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. with the event starting at 11 a.m. Tickets are $10, $5 with valid student ID and are available for purchase at the Steeltown Film Factory website.

Quarterfinalists To Compete At Steeltown Film Factory Event

steeltown_film_factoryOver 250 scripts were submitted to the 2013 Steeltown Film Factory, a filmmaking competition supported by a series of public workshops, panel discussions and staged readings designed to engage aspiring filmmakers to create projects with Pittsburgh-inspired content. On March 23rd, the 12 chosen quarterfinalists – Randy Baumann, Brandon Clemens, Laci Corridor, Jarrett Fisher-Forester, Kevin Fuller, Heather Gray, Bruce Johnson, Samuel Krebs, Dennis Schebetta, Glenn Syska, Cameron Roeback, and Dan Wilkerson –  will participate in The Writer’s Pitch. The event is the first of three happenings to determine who will win up to $30,000 to fund their short films, plus a trip to Hollywood.

Attendees will get a crash course on the film industry as the top writers pitch their short film ideas to Steeltown Film Factory‘s panel of professionals. This year’s panel includes Hollywood script consultant Asher Garfinkel; film and television director Rusty Cundieff  (Fear of a Black Hat, Chappelle’s Show); and Oscar-nominated film editor Doug Crise (Babel, Spring Breakers). Last year, Yulin Kuang‘s pitch led to her winning $15,000 to make Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested, a short comedy that screened at the Three Rivers Film Festival.


The Writer’s Pitch takes place at 11 a.m. in the Frick Fine Arts Building. Doors open at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $10, $5 with a valid student ID, and are available for purchase at the Steeltown Film Factory website

Locally Made Thriller ‘Duplex’ Premieres At Pittsburgh Filmmakers


The script for Duplex was a finalist at the 2012 Steeltown Film Factory, a filmmaking competition created to encourage and nurture the growth of the entertainment sector of Southwestern Pennsylvania. On Jan. 16th,  the work will premiere at Pittsburgh Filmmakers as part of an event showcasing locally made short films.

Directed by Rasul Welch, and co-written by Nathanial Hollabaugh, Christy Leonardo, and Stephen Knezovich, Duplex follows a girl named Kara as she stalks a young couple, slowly insinuating herself into their lives until, finally, she’s occupying the empty unit in the couple’s duplex. But when Kara doesn’t get what she wants, she takes her obsession to a violent and terrifying conclusion. See a teaser clip for the film at Vimeo.


Duplex will be shown as part of a program of shorts by local filmmakers. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with films starting at 8:00 p.m. 

Three Rivers Film Festival Rundown and Highlights

The Three Rivers Film Festival (3RFF) is the oldest and largest annual film festival in the Pittsburgh region. Created in 1982, the event celebrates all things cinema with a varied selection of the year’s most interesting films. Presented by Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Dollar Bank, the 2012 3RFF will showcase more than 50 films during its two-week run, including sneak peeks of fall releases, documentaries, restored classics, shorts, and critically acclaimed international favorites.

From November 2 – 17, festival films will screen at the Harris Theater, the Melwood Screening Room, and the Regent Square Theater. The opening night reception will feature three big previews – the French/Belgium love story Rust and Bone, the rock documentary Beware of Mr. Baker, and director David O. Russell‘s dramedy The Silver Linings Playbook, which was filmed in Pennsylvania.

The schedule – which is too lengthy to post here – continues with plenty of local, national, and international titles. Among the films representing Pittsburgh and Western PA is the foodie doc Pierogies, the Steeltown Film Factory winner The Perils of Growing Up Flat-Chested, and Tony Buba and Tom Dubensky‘s We Are Alive! The Fight To Save Braddock Hospital. Popular regional web series will also be covered with a special presentation of Greg and Donny at Film Kitchen, and the event Pittsburgh Dad & Meteor Man, where filmmakers Chris Pretska and Curt Wootton will discuss online film exhibition.

From the rest of the U.S. comes such talked about films as the Sundance hit The Comedy, a darkly humorous indie starring Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, and the gut-wrenching drama Compliance. Polish cinema dominates the foreign film selections, along with must-see releases, including the Cannes stunner Holy Motors and the Brazilian comedy Neighboring SoundsThe festival will also put Australian film in the spotlight with a recently restored print of the 1971 thriller Wake In Fright, a shocking, alcohol-drenched story set in the outback.

For more information, please visit the 3RFF website, where you’ll find a complete schedule and details on additional films, informal discussions, live music events, and other festival happenings. Single tickets are $10, $15 for special events (includes opening and closing night screenings). Guests can also purchase a Six-Pack Pass for $50 (good for six regular admissions) at participating theaters or at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers office. Tickets are now available for purchase at Showclix.