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Hollywood Theater Has A Killer Time With ‘Slaughter Drive’


Slaughter Drive

On October 26, the Hollywood Theater will present Slaughter Drive, a slasher comedy from the Pittsburgh-based production company BPO Films.

When failed filmmaker Doug Stevenson leaves his video camera in the local park overnight, he accidentally records something horrific. To top it off, it might have something to do with his new neighbors that moved into his quiet suburban neighborhood. With the help of his bumbling teacher buddies, Doug goes on a wild ride to save himself, his friends, his ex-wife, and the entire neighborhood. Directed by Ben Dietels and starring Steve Rudzinski, David Ogrodowski, Jack Davis, and Vincent Bombara.

Slaughter Drive screens at 7:30 p.m. Guests are encouraged to wear their best Halloween costume for a contest to win a BPO DVD prize pack. Tickets cost $5 at the door.

Hollywood Theater Lets The Dogs Out For ‘Finding Beans’ Premiere


On Feb. 22nd, the Hollywood Theater goes to the dogs when BPO Films premieres their third feature Finding Beans.

The new film follows Art Turner as he drags through an over-prescribed lifestyle that blocks him from any genuine connection. His offhanded doctor, Dr. Stackson, becomes frustrated with Art’s lack of progress and decides to take the impractical step backwards in his therapy by discontinuing all of his prescriptions at once. This catapults Art into a sober world for the first time and down the road of dangerous readjusting. Meanwhile, Dr. Stackson finds himself in his own troubles when his pill exchanging partner, Isabella, tightens the screws on their business of illegal drug sales and her dog, Beans, goes missing with the only thing that links the doctor to his entire operation. Beans trots into Art’s life and fetches him a new dose of reality, but  then the elusive canine slips away. Now the hunt is on for Art as he dodges murderous drug dealers, psychotic game show hosts, and his own manic fears before he has a complete nervous breakdown. Just as life finally begins for Art, his entire world could end…unless he finds Beans.


Finding Beans begins at 7 p.m. Admission is free. Guests are welcome to join the cast and crew for post-movie party at Dormont Lanes.