Steel City Screenings Showcases Local Filmmakers


Last April, Pittsburgh-based production company Long Knuckle Studios partnered with Confluence Productions to shoot and produce Last Call. On June 12th, the 10 minute-long short will premiere at Row House Cinema during Steel City Screenings, an event created to showcase the new film and much more.

“We decided that we would reach out to others in the local filmmaking community to see if there would be an interest in screening any of their work at our premiere,” says Long Knuckle Studios co-founder and Steel City Screenings host David Kost in an email. “We received several positive responses, and the Last Call premiere quickly turned into Steel City Screenings, an event to not only promote our new film, but to also promote and showcase the work of other local artists.”

Steel City Screenings will feature several locally made short films and trailers. See selected works and descriptions below:

 Knock Knock (Dir. Jaime Meyers, Long Knuckle Studios)

A father goes down a dark path to try to get answers to the death of his daughter. The film previously screened at the 2015 Pittsburgh 48 Hour Horror Film Project and won the Grand Jury Prize for Suspense at the Washington PA Film Festival.

Phone In (Dir. William Jerlat)

Stink Bugs!! (Dir. Justin Crimone, Zeno Films)

Gala (Dir. Mike Smith)

This crowdfunded indie follows a a lonely writer on the night of his high school reunion. Though so far unsuccessful at getting his big break, his ex-girlfriend Faye has become an up-and-coming actress in Los Angeles. After being apart for two years, the writer imagines what it will be like to face his former love, realizing that their aspirations for fame and popularity have left one of them behind.

Halloween: Season of Evil (Dir. Adam Morgan, Midnight on Saturday Productions)

In this Halloween fan film, Shelley is on her way through the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to a babysitting job. Little does she know that she’s being followed by the boogeyman himself, Michael Myers, and a mysterious second man who’s intentions are unknown.

With You (Dir. Ted E. Haynes, Confluence Productions)

Zombie Woman (Dir. Kevin Hejna)

A zombie is cured of her disease, but the cure is only temporary. The film previously screened at the 2015 Steeltown Film Factory community screening.


Nightfall (Dir. Adam Morgan, Midnight on Saturday Productions)

Power Play (Dir. Kevin Hejna)

Steel City Screenings will begin at 2 p.m. A post-screening meet and greet will take place next door in the Bierport Tap RoomAdmission is free.

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