Trail Running Film Festival Heads For Hollywood Theater

Kiwi Tracks Bromance Edit - hollywood

The Trail Running Film Festival honors the great outdoors with great cinema and great beer. Now on a 31 city nationwide tour around the United States, the event will stop in Pittsburgh on September 20th to screen more than a dozen films and short videos at the Hollywood Theater. See schedule and details below:

The Traveler: The Missing Link (2014)

Never meant to be a film, or an expedition. Dimitri walked into Siberia and a global circumnavigation, met humanity, and found his own human experiences.
53 min.
Director: Vivienne Smith
Finalist for Best Feature Film and Best Use of Humor in a Film

3022ft (2015)

Every year on the 4th of july, hundreds of runners dare the 3022ft. of Seward’s Mt. marathon in Alaska’s Oldest and most dangerous footrace. In 2014, a full time mom challenged an Olympian, two pro athletes took on the men’s record holder and a former junior champion battled her demons on the mountain where she grew up. Intimate athlete interviews reveal and inspiring story about running, community and a race you will have to see to believe.
63 min.
Director: Max Romey
Non Alaskan World Premiere
Finalist for Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography

The Run for Colin (2015)

On August 10, 2014, Joe “String Bean” McConaughy crossed the US/Canada border at 12:02 PM. Having departed from the Mexican border on the 2,660 mile Pacific Crest Trail 53 days, 6 hours and 37 minutes earler, Joe set the fastest speed hike of the trail by 6 days. His trip was inspired by his cousin Colin who passed away from a pediatric brain cancer, Neuroblastoma, at the age of two in 2012.
35 min.
Director: Michael Dillon
Finalist for Best Feature Film and Best Cinematography

Kiwi Tracks Bromance Edit (2015)

Two best friends and ultra runners take two weeks on New Zealands south island to run as many diverse and amazing places as possible. Through their non stop driving and running they discover the magical beaches, fjords, glaciers, mountains, forests, and grass lands that make New Zealand paradise. Their non-stop adventure takes bromance to a new level.
6 min.
Director: Schlarb/Wolf Productions
Finalist for Best Use of Humor in a Film and Best Cinematography

2014 Oregon Coast 50k Race Video (2015)

A look into Rainshadow Running’s 2014 Oregon Coast 30/50k trail race in Yachats, Oregon.
4 min.
World Premiere
Director: Project Talaria
Finalist for Best Race Video

Sh*t Happens (2015)

What happens when the urge is just to great to ignore? Sometimes you just have to let it happen.
2 min.
World Premiere
Director: The Ginger Runner/Ethan Newberry
Finalist for Best Use of Humor in a Film

Ultrarunner (2015)

A short video about ultrarunner Luke Jay on one of his favorite training climbs in the Colorado high country
1 min.
Director: Isaiah Jay
Winner of Best One Minute Film

The Trail Running Film Festival begins at 6 p.m. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 and are available for purchase at the Trail Running website.



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