Hollywood Theater Showcases Steeltown Film Factory Shorts


On June 25th, the Hollywood Theater will host a community screening showcasing the best of the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory submissions. The event will feature eight short films from local writers and directors, including a sneak preview of the Steeltown finalist The Beat Goes On. See film descriptions below:

Paper Umbrellas (dir. Julie Jigour)


A young girl struggles to keep her world intact during her mother’s mental breakdown.

All-Sight (dir. Talia Shea Levin)


A grief-stricken father seeks solace in a virtual reality simulator, but discovers that actual reality is a multiplayer game.

Check Yes or No (dir. Molly Duerig)


Written by Kelechi Urama, the ’90s-set coming-of-age story explores the anxiety surrounding a 12-year-old girl’s first kiss.

Woman in a Blue Gown (dir. Miguel Almendarez and Kaleigh Fitzgerald)


A struggling artist paints a wealthy young woman’s portrait – an event that will change both their lives.

Zombie Woman (dir. Kevin Hejna)


A zombie is cured of her disease, but the cure is only temporary.

Always a Bridesmaid (dir. Wendy Grube)


Lizzie tries to find the perfect man before the next family wedding, and in doing so, avoids going out for the dreaded toss of the bouquet.

Franksgiving (dir. Stephen Knezovich)


A bowler’s quests for love – and Thanksgiving turkey – knows no bounds.

The Beat Goes On (dir. Randy Kovitz)


A grieving widower finds his old drum set in the garage, and with it a path back to life.

The Steeltown Film Factory Community Showcase Screening will begin at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. Guests can reserve seats at Showclix or on the Steeltown website.


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