Grimm Sleeper Investigates Urban Legend With ‘The Way Of Seeming’


Rabid animals. Strange flashes of light. Mysterious sounds. Missing persons. As a child, local filmmaker Josh Maley was terrified by the stories his father told him about Wolf Run Road – AKA Mystery Mile – an eerie place located in Industry, PA. Maley explores the urban legend in his horror feature film The Way of Seeming, a story about five friends and their fateful connection to Mystery Mile.

Written and directed by Maley, and presented by Grimm Sleeper Productions, the independent psychological thriller finds Dawn fifteen years after the disappearance of her sister. Now, on the cusp of college graduation, Dawn’s long-lost sister begins haunting her nightmares and waking life. As Dawn’s quest for answers grows more desperate, it threatens to consume not only her, but everyone she holds dear. The film stars KateLynn Newberry, Madison Siple, Jess Paul, Ellen Connally, and Max Pavel.

A Kickstarter campaign for The Way of Seeming is currently underway to raise funds for various production costs. Contributors will receive perks including walk-ons and a Mystery Mile ghost hunt. The campaign will run through June 23rd.


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