Anchor Bay To Release Locally Shot Series ‘The Chair’ On DVD


Last year, Pittsburgh became the backdrop for The Chair, a documentary series that follows two first-time filmmakers – indie multihyphenate Anna Martemucci and YouTube star Shane Dawson – through the ups and downs of bringing a full-length feature to the screen. Created by Chris Moore (Project Greenlight, Good Will Hunting) and produced by actor and Pittsburgh native Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story), the show went on to air on STARZ last fall. On Feb. 17th, Anchor Bay Entertainment will release the first season of the The Chair on DVD. 

The Chair charts the path of two up-and-coming directors who must produce their own unique versions of the same script. Both directors are given the same budget, and shoot at locations in and around Pittsburgh. Each episode documents the creation, marketing, and theatrical release of both adaptations. Through multiplatform voting, audiences determine which director will be awarded $250,000.

The five-disc set includes all ten episodes and the final movies made for the competition, Not Cool and Hollidaysburg. Not Cool will also be available the same day as a single DVD release.


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