Found Footage Film Reveals Scary Side Of Pittsburgh


A local cast and crew will capture some of the spooky corners of Pittsburgh with Brew House, an independent found footage horror film that centers around an abandoned distillery. But the production will need a little help before all the scary fun can begin.

Directed by John Sabatine, the story follows a group of fame-hungry explorers who, after being inspired by a real-life webseries, investigate an abandoned distillery where they face decades of ruins and deceased inhabitants. The screenplay builds off the city’s own industrial history, and utilizes real Pittsburgh locations (kept under wraps while the film proceeds with production). The film stars Katie Schurman, Jordan Streussnig, Johnathon L. Jackson, Greg Richards and Jess Paul.

The audience will experience the story exclusively through the characters’ eyes thanks to the use of GoPro Hero4 cameras. Released last fall, the action-camera brand’s latest release features 3840 by 2160 resolution as opposed to the standard 1080p. This will make Brew House the very first ever found-footage thriller shot in 4K.

A Kickstarter for Brew House was recently launched to fund the film from pre-production through principal photography, including the cost of five GoPro cameras, batteries, and memory cards. The campaign will accept donations through Feb. 9th.

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