Harris Theater Gets A Whiff Of Camp With ‘Polyester’ Screening


During the 1970s, cult filmmaker John Waters produced multiple films around his hometown of Baltimore, MD, including the gross-out hit Pink Flamingos. But he didn’t cross into the mainstream until the 1981 release of Polyester, a dark comedy that benefited from the addition of Odorama, a gimmick that allowed audiences to smell the movie via scratch n’ sniff cards. On Jan. 23rd, the Harris Theater will present an especially fragrant screening of the film, complete with Odorama.

In his first major commercial success, Waters presents a send-up of 1950s women’s pictures with the story of Francis Fishpaw (the late drag performer Divine), an unloved, unsatisfied housewife who finds romance with the handsome Todd Tomorrow (actor and former teen heartthrob Tab Hunter). The low-budget film caused a sensation with its outrageous satirical take on suburbia, abortion, drug use, and the Religious Right, and launched the careers of Waters and Divine.

Polyester will screen at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $5. Part of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust‘s Crawl After Dark.


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