TOETAG Celebrates ‘Redsin Tower’ DVD Release At Hollywood Theater


On Dec. 20th, the Pittsburgh-based independent film studio TOETAG will join forces with Horror Realm and the Hollywood Theater to present the 5-Disc Special Edition DVD of Fred Vogel’s remastered 2006 film The Redsin Tower.

The horror work follows Kim (Bethany Newell) after she ends a six-year relationship with her obsessive boyfriend Mitch (Perry Tiberio). After a little encouragement, she agrees to get her mind off the break-up by hitting the biggest party of the year with her best friend. Mortified and enraged, Mitch sets out to find his beloved in hopes of winning her back. After the party gets busted, Kim and her friends head for the town’s most notorious urban legend, the Redsin Tower. Butchery and carnage will reign as Mitch seeks vengeance on Kim, her best friend, and anyone else that gets in his way.

The The Redsin Tower – Possession Edition DVD release party will take place at the Hollywood Theater at 6 p.m. The event begins with a meet and greet hosted by Vogel, followed by a screening of The Redsin Tower and the documentary Posession: The Making of The Redsin Tower. The event will also include various vendors, raffles, giveaways, and a post-screening Q&A session with the cast. Ticket packages are $10 to $50 and are available for purchase at the TOETAG website.


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