Ruckus Bros To Reveal Dark Side Of Oz At Mr. Smalls


In the past, the musician collective Ruckus Bros teamed up with entertainment company Touchfaster to produce tributes to iconic albums such as The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. On Nov. 29th, Ruckus Bros will take on a popular urban legend with Dark Side of Oz.

The 15-member group will synch a live performance of Pink Floyd‘s multi-platinum album Dark Side of the Moon with a screening of the classic 1939 movie musical Wizard of Oz. The event will also feature original music by Wreck Loose, Gypsy And His Band Of Ghosts, Velvet Heat, Tracksploitation, and Drowning Clowns, as well as visual art by Pierce Marratto, Erin Mader, James Gyre, Sara Rytteke, Marlon Gunby, Zack Emma, Chloe Boden, Diego Michael Byrnes, Adam Chizmar, and Matt Denton.

Dark Side of Oz will take place at 6 p.m. at Mr. Smalls Theatre. Tickets are $15 general admission, $32 VIP admission.

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