Latitude 360 Looks At ‘The Other Side’ Of Local Zombie Film


After winning the 2012 Zombie Shorts Film Festival with their entry The Other Side, Orchard Place Productions decided to expand the concept into what would become their debut feature film. Made on a budget of $50,000, the resulting horror indie premiered last October at Latitude 360. On Nov. 25th, the film returns to the venue for a new screening event.

Based off a script by Chris Niespodzianski, who directed the film with Ray Mongelli, The Other Side takes place in Elkwood, PA, a small, unassuming town that becomes overrun by the undead. Amidst the chaos, Chris (Chad Conley) must search for his missing wife, Ash (Christine Starkey), and protect his daughter, Cami (Michelle Coben). But as people go missing, and lives are forever changed, the survivors soon discover a haunting truth behind the zombie apocalypse.

The Other Side screening will take place at 7 p.m. in the Latitude 360 Cinegrille. Stars of the film will also be on hand to pose for pictures and autograph DVDs and movie posters. Ticket prices are $5 (general admission), $18 (admission and The Other Side DVD), and $25 (admission, plus The Other Side DVD and soundtrack CD), and are available for purchase at Brown Paper Tickets.



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