Belvederes Serves Up ‘Bad Taste’ For Halloween B-Horror Bash


Before director Peter Jackson redefined excess with his bloated, three-part take on The Hobbit, he was grossing out horror fans with ultra low-budget films such as the outrageous zombie classic Dead Alive. On Oct. 29th, Belvederes Ultra-Dive will celebrate another one of Jackson’s early works when they host their Halloween B-Horror Bash.

Presented as part of the venue’s weekly punk, post-punk, and goth night, Nilbog, the event will include a screening of Jackson’s first feature Bad Taste. Shot in New Zealand, the film follows a group of friends who must save their small town from becoming fast-food for a group of gluttonous aliens. The 1987 sci-fi horror comedy boasts impressive practical special effects and puppetry that were staples of Jackson’s early career.

Bad Taste will begin at 9 p.m. The Halloween B-Horror Bash will also include $5 homemade vegan pumpkin soup and a free raffle with prizes such as tattoo and piercing gift certificates from Alter Ego Body Art Studio and occult jewelry from Mod Evil Studio. A dance party with DJ Off the Record (aka The Vomiting Rat) will take place after the screening. Costumes are encouraged. Admission is free (for freaks).



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