Future Tenant To Showcase New Talent For Downtown Film Night


Future Tenant strives to become a destination for raw, innovative artistic experiences from across all visual, literary and performing disciplines. On Oct. 11, the space will screen work from several emerging local artists for the second annual Downtown Film Night. See the list of featured films below:

Sole (dir. Ariel Zucker)

“I will never know the texture of a handrail, or the bottoms of your feet”. Sole is a visual interpretation of a poem by Anna Rosati, music by Rubin Kodheli, and blood by Grace McCarthy. We live as conflicted creatures, seeking connection. But, there’s always a layer of air between us and anything we try to touch. Our internal conflict lies in our solitude, forcing us to confront our worst fear: that we are fundamentally and permanently alone.

Milk (dir. Chris Compendio)

Two college roommates, one of science and the other not, discuss the possibility of milk spontaneously appearing in a bowl of cereal. Tensions rise. Hilarity ensues.

The Cold War (dir. Ian Sears)

A tragic battle ensues in a dorm when one roommate turns the only fan off of oscillate.

Extraordinary (dir. Talia Shea Levin)

A telekinetic teenage girl convinces a boy that he possesses her supernatural ability. Linked by their shared secrets, each discovers the limit of their ‘super’ powers. Originally written and directed for the School of Drama’s Playground Festival of independent student work, this short is a preliminary test for a feature-length concept.

Temporary Housing (dir. Elana Goldberg)

A short comedy about a college girl who promises to let loose on Halloween night. She ditches her stuffy demeanor for a sexy hobo costume, and finds a mysterious man, also dressed as a hobo, whose quirkiness helps her let down her guard.

Gold Star (dir. Marlee Schneider)

When Quinn’s new romance poses a personal question, she is forced to relive several events which stem from her coming out experience that eventually leads to her response.

Sunday Rosary (dir. David Safin)

Produced for the 2014 Pittsburgh Film Kitchen, this short documentary tells the story of a man’s respectful abstention from a weekly family custom.

Downtown Film Night will begin at 7 p.m. Guests can enjoy light refreshments and complimentary drinks from Straub Beer, Jack’s Hard Cider, and Johnnie Ryan Soda Co. Admission is a $5 suggested donation.


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