Pittsburgh Tours Latin America With Mucho Gusto Micro Film Festival


Last year, creative multihyphenate Robert Isenberg premiered his hiking documentary The Mountain at Melwood Screening Room. Since then, he has worked in Costa Rico, where he produces news stories, profiles, art criticism, videos, and photojournalism for The Tico Times, Central America’s premiere English-language news source. On July 25th, Isenberg returns to Pittsburgh for the Mucho Gusto Micro Film Festival, a one-night event showcasing a series of short documentaries he made for the publication.

Mucho Gusto  – which is presented as a follow-up to Isenberg’s farewell Arcade Comedy Theater performance, The Robert Isenberg See-You-Soon Tour – will feature a collection of short videos chronicling his encounters in Latin America. The subjects include a (humane) bullfight, a tour of a vegetable oil bus, a German woman who has swum Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast seven times, a cigar factory in Nicaragua, a so-called dog hotel, a first attempt at scuba diving, and Pura Vía, Isenberg’s epic bike ride from Caribbean to Pacific.

The Mucho Gusto Micro Film Festival will take place at Modernformations Gallery at 7 p.m. Admission is $2 suggested donation at the door.

mucho gusto film festival


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