Indie Film ‘Crown Of Gamma’ To Work Out In Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh has attracted plenty of movie production in the past year, both mainstream and independent. This summer, Crown of Gamma, a low-budget feature about a young woman who falls in love with an otherworldly fitness instructor from a VHS tape, will add to the list of projects shooting in the region.

Written and directed by Emerson College MFA candidate, Elliot Sheedy, the crowd-funded film follows Romulus and Attila, two brothers who discover a time capsule in their backyard that contains a VHS recording of a 1980s fitness instructor named Abraham. Their sister, Darla, becomes enthralled with The Instructor’s program and watches it religiously. Attila, jealous for Darla’s love, rivals The Instructor by forming his own fitness cult. However, there is only one for Darla.

All fitness instruction scenes were captured on a MAGNAVOX Newvicon Handheld Color Video Camera, an original VHS tube-powered camera from the 1980s. The major scenes of the film will be shot in 4k resolution, but later converted to VHS analog tape during post production. In keeping with the film’s aesthetic and plot, Crown of Gamma will also be released exclusively as a five tape VHS box set.

Sheedy and his team will begin shooting in Pittsburgh this month.


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