‘All Raccoons Are Bandits’ In Local Independent Film


Some people will do anything for love. Beg, borrow, steal – especially steal. Pittsburgh filmmaker Brett Wagner will revisit the familiar subject with his independent short All Raccoons Are Bandits, a period story inspired by the “dry wit of Mark Twain, the beautiful vistas in western films, and the comical violence of the Coen brothers movies and Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy.

Set in 1882, this “screwball dramedy” follows Rocky Snodgrass, a “small-time scoundrel” who crashes a random funeral to pick-pocket from the bereaved and deceased. There he unexpectedly encounters the beautiful Livy Langhorne, granddaughter of the departed, and daughter of the town’s police chief, Thomas Langhorne. Snodgrass does his best to court her – both as a freeman and when he’s behind bars – but his plans run awry when a ring is required for her hand in a proper engagement. On a ride full of love, guns, and grave robbers, Snodgrass embarks on a journey filled with embellishment and tomfoolery in his search for the perfect ring.

Wagner and his crew just launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds for special effects, period elements, stunt work, and other necessities. Donations are being accepted through June 13th. The film is scheduled to being production sometime this summer.


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