Melwood Screening Room Makes A ‘Social Suicide Pact’


Last June, five local comedians – Shannon Norman (The It’s Alive Show), Tim Ross, John Dick WintersJesse Irvin, and Alex Stypula – created the Race to the Coffin Comedy Tour (RTTC), a small-scale, DIY venture inspired by ensemble shows like Comedians of Comedy. Funded by a modest Kickstarter campaign, they embarked on a journey that started at the Arcade Comedy Theater and continued to various clubs throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. In addition, they also filmed a special at the Club Cafe. On May 23rd, Melwood Screening Room will host a DVD premiere showcasing RTTC’s sense of Pittsburgh-style humor.

Filmed on Dec. 20th, Social Suicide Pact features individual live stand-up performances from each RTTC member. See the sneak peek below:

The Race to the Coffin DVD premiere event begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $10 and includes free beer and a copy of Social Suicide Pact.



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