Francart & Francart Pictures Looking To Hang ‘Regular Paintings’


Last year, cousins Justin and Pat Francart launched a crowd-funding campaign for their retro sci-fi short Meet Your Maker. In the months that followed, the Pittsburgh-based filmmakers were able to successfully fund and produce the project, which went on to a packed premiere at the Hollywood Theater. Since then, the duo has created their own production company, Francart & Francart Pictures, and are embarking on a haunting new film.

A campaign for the short Regular Paintings recently hit Kickstarter, and while the premise differs from the Francarts’ previous work, it seems to continue their Twilight Zone-influenced style. The supernatural story follows a directionless guy whose midlife crisis never showed up because he never learned to think ahead. He takes a job working the late shift at a rickety old bar down the street where the paint is peeling and the dust is gathering on the bottles and staff alike. It’s a good gig, until closing time when the lights start flickering and the juke acts up and some very strange characters stop by for drinks even though the doors are locked. See the film’s Kickstarter video below:

The Francarts are currently seeking $10,000 to help with location fees, equipment, talent compensation, and other expenses involved in making Regular Paintings a reality. Contributions to the Kickstarter campaign are being accepted through June 6th.

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