Local Horror Film Will Document ‘Road Trip Of The Dead’


Director George A. Romero‘s Dead series has made Pittsburgh a travel destination for horror fans, who come from miles around to visit iconic film locations such as the Monroeville Mall and Evans City Cemetery. Now a pair of local filmmakers will honor these die-hard enthusiasts with a story about an ill-fated documentary shoot.

Director/writer/producer William Sanders and his co-writer/co-producer Kevin Kriess recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for their project Road Trip of the Dead, a “reality-based slasher horror fiction tale” inspired by the city’s beloved zombie culture. The film – which is currently in pre-production – follows a group of friends as they attempt to complete a documentary about touring the places Romero made famous. Little do they know that the horror they love is about to become a reality.

The movie will shoot in and around Pittsburgh, and will feature appearances from celebrities such as effects artist and actor Tom Savini (Dawn Of The Dead, From Dusk Til Dawn, Django Unchained) and Gary Streiner (Night Of The Living Dead). The crew is also in talks to secure product placement and sponsorship deals with area businesses Iron City Beer/Pittsburgh Brewing Company and Kings Restaurant.

Sanders and Kreiss hope to secure funds for a variety of production costs, including talent fees, travel, props, and equipment. Contributors can receive a number of perks, including autographed posters, rare Dawn of the Dead memorabilia, and exclusive screening access. Please visit the Road Trip of the Dead Indiegogo page to make a donation, now being accepted through May 5th.


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