New Comedy Web Series Follows ‘Jack & Emma’ Home


Jack and Emma have spent the last 12 years in Los Angeles chasing their dreams of writing and acting, but it hasn’t turned out like they planned. Now with their 30th birthdays approaching, they’re going back to their hometown. They had hoped to move home quietly, but somehow the news has spread, and people in town are kind of flipping their lids. So goes the concept of Jack and Emma, a new comedy web series that puts a fresh spin on an all-too familiar story.

Husband and wife team Blake Lightholder and Kati Lightholder recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for Jack & Emma, which is presented by their company Apartment 11 Studios. Kati – whose credits include producing the Pittsburgh-made web series The Mercury Men, and appearing in the PBS show Pedal America and the feature film Sonny Days co-created, co-scripted and co-stars on the series with Blake, a writer. As a sponsored project of the non-profit arts service organization Fractured Atlas, the show strives to support socially responsible entertainment by forgoing “vulgar, crude, or otherwise offensive” humor, and by providing work for local film professionals.

The two already produced a series of short videos, and are hoping to raise enough funds to shoot a full-length 23-minute pilot episode in western PA. See their campaign video below:

Donations for Jack & Emma are being accepted through March 3rd.

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