Oaks Theater Kicks February Off With Zombie Double Feature


Studios usually release their worst movies in January and February, which makes them the least eventful months for theater goers. On Feb. 1st, the Oaks Theater will at least give horror fans a reason to leave the house with a special Zombie Double Feature.

The night begins with director George Romero‘s classic 1968 work Night of Living Dead, followed by a screening of its equally iconic 1978 sequel Dawn of the Dead. Shot in and around Pittsburgh, the first two chapters in Romero’s Dead series follow the survivors of an encroaching zombie apocalypse.

The Zombie Double Feature starts at 8 p.m. Films can be seen separately, or together as the double feature. Admission for the double feature is $14, $8 for a single feature. Double feature ticket holders are eligible for a special concession deal, which includes a free refill on any size popcorn and/or fountain drink bought during the first show.



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