Young Love And Football Meet In Short Film ‘Immaculate Reception’

In the last seconds of a 1972 AFC playoff game, Steelers fullback Franco Harris scooped up a fumble and scored a winning touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. Dubbed the Immaculate Reception, the impossible recovery went down as one of the most amazing plays in football history. Now, over three decades later, one short film will revisit that moment for a retro Pittsburgh love story.

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Charlotte Glynn combined sports and awkward teen romance for Immaculate Reception, a small indie set in early 1970s Pittsburgh. The film follows Joey (Deema Aitken), the 16-year-old middle child of three boys who wants to grow up and be like his dad and brother, both of whom are strong, charismatic steelworkers. Joey has his chance to prove himself when the girl he has a crush on ends up at his house to watch the famous playoff game between the Steelers and the Raiders.

Glynn, a onetime Pittsburgher and graduate of Allderdice High School, returned to the city last January to shoot her project. From costuming to production design to cinematography, a lot of attention went into recreating an accurate depiction of the Steel City at that time – as you’ll see from the trailer, even homemade pierogies, a Pittsburgh food staple, make an appearance.

Glynn recently launched a Kickstarter for Immaculate Reception in order to raise funds for various production costs. Donations are being accepted through Dec. 23rd.

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