Mattress Factory Honors Stop-Motion Legend With Special Event


Throughout his life, the late Russian animator Ladislaw Starewicz pioneered a number of stop-motion techniques with his meticulously staged and shot fantasy films. He’s recognized for making the first puppet-animated film in 1912 and for featuring insects and animals as protagonists in his work, including those in The Cameraman’s Revenge and The Tale of the Fox. His cinematic contributions influenced generations of filmmakers, among them Tim Burton, the Quay Brothers, and Terry Gilliam, who once described Starewicz’s films as “breathtaking, surreal, inventive and extraordinary.” On Dec. 7th, the Mattress Factory will celebrate this legendary artist with a night of movies and music.

The event will showcase some of Starewicz’s films along with the Pittsburgh debut of music act Little Bang Theory. Conceived by avant garde musician and artist in the museum’s Detroit: Artist in Residence exhibition, Frank Pahl, the band will perform with bells, whistles, and toy instruments such as crank-operated music boxes and xylophones. In the past, the trio has provided live musical and foley accompaniment for Starewicz’s 1934 film The Mascot.

The evening of animated films and live music begins at 7 p.m. in the Mattress Factory lobby. Tickets are $15 and are available for purchase at Showclix or at the door.


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