Hollywood Theater To Premiere Three-Part Short Film ‘Self Obscurities’

Self Obscurities Still 3 (1)

The Pittsburgh-based media company Nickel 17 Productions seeks to bring independent feature-length union projects to the area. On Oct. 14th,  the Hollywood Theater will host the premiere of Nickel 17’s 2013 short film anthology Self Obscurities as part of the Steel City Short Film Screenings.

Directed by Nick LaMantia, the film tells three stories of tragic decision-making. Chapter One: Assertions shows Julius (Buck Smodic) fed up with his mundane business lifestyle, when he questions the intentions of his id, ego, and superego. Chapter Two: Soliloquy – which screened at the Pittsburgh Women in Film in Media Film Festival last January – pits a disease-stricken girl (Jennie Bushnell) against society as she shuns her only blood relative— her father (David Petti). Chapter Three: Confessional brings former U.S. Senator Brutus Pendergrass (Mike Reeping) before the lord as he attempts to repent for his sins during Congress’s attempts to bring fellow senators to trial for treason during the Red Scare.

Self Obscurities screens at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m. Other Pittsburgh-area short films, including Brandon Keenan‘s Voz  and Nathan Hollabaugh‘s Duplex, will also screen. Admission is free.


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