Silent Unseen Treasures Return To The Warhol


The Warhol Museum continues its partnership with the world-renowned photograph and motion picture archives, George Eastman House, to bring rarely shown silent and early sound masterpieces from its extensive collection exclusively to Pittsburgh. See the schedule for Unseen Treasures below:

Sept. 20th

West of Zanzibar (1928)


Tod Browning (Freaks) directed this over the top jungle melodrama in which Lon Chaney plays a wrathful vaudeville magician who swears to exact insane revenge on the ivory trader (Lionel Barrymore) who crippled him and stole his beloved wife. When his dying wife returns with a baby girl a year after leaving him, he sends the lover’s child to a brothel and spends the next 20 years in an African swamp, where he manipulates the local tribe into thinking that he’s a powerful sorcerer. Claiming the debauched girl (Mary Nolan) when she comes of age, he sets into motion his long laid plan to lure the trader to his lair and have the locals burn them both alive. Features musical accompaniment by Doug Levine.

Oct. 18th

The Monkey Talks (1927)


Director Raoul Walsh (White Heat) helmed this circus fantasy about a bizarre love triangle between the beautiful tightrope walker Olivette (Olive Borden), the animal trainer Pierre (Don Alvarado), and Fano (Jacques Lerner), a diminutive acrobat hired to impersonate a monkey with the power of speech. Features makeup effects from Jack Pierce, who later went on to create the iconic creatures in The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and many others. Features musical accompaniment by Tom Roberts and Michael Johnsen.

Nov. 8th

Special Delivery (1927)


In this romantic comedy, comedian Eddie Cantor plays a clumsy mailman who must compete with three suitors for the affections of the lovely waitress Madge (Jobyna Ralston). When he discovers that one of his rivals (William Powell) is con man, he exposes the villain and finally wins Madge’s love. Special Delivery was directed by “William Goodrich,” AKA Fatty Arbuckle, who was unsuccessfully trying to make a comeback after the sex scandal that ruined his career. Features musical accompaniment by Tom Roberts.

All screenings begin at 8 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available for purchase at the Warhol website.

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