Hollywood Theater Chills Out With Horror Indie ‘Dark of Winter’


The Hollywood Theater created the monthly Screen & Be Seen series as a way to promote talented Pittsburgh-area filmmakers and support local independent cinema. On April 11th, the venue will showcase writer and director David C. Snyder‘s work, Dark of Winter, as part of the program.

Presented by HWIC Filmworks, the psychological horror movie stars actor and musician Kyle Jason as a man who gambles with indulging his most personal desires in an attempt to save his soul. The story follows professional assassin John French, who, while in the middle of a complicated new job, finds out about the parole of Gary Kliest, the man responsible for what happened to his daughter ten years prior.  When his daughter’s old friend Sarah shows up unannounced, John’s simple existence becomes a complex puzzle.  He must deal with strange, otherworldly events that are throwing his life into a chaotic mystery that he must solve before it is too late.

Dark of Winter screens at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5.


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