Assemble To Screen Doc ‘The Image of Black Women’ As Part of IDea Show


The Penn Avenue Arts District venue Assemble is a community space for arts and technology. Their diverse programs include monthly openings, as well as workshops, lectures, and creative activities geared toward local children. On March 1st, Assemble will include a local documentary as part of a group exhibition to be unveiled during the Unblurred gallery crawl.

Filmmaker Brittany McBryde‘s short film The Image of Black Women will be among the works in Assemble’s IDea Show, an event about personal identity, community, and recognition that features a diverse selection of regional and international artists. Through interviews with everyday women, the documentary focuses on on how the current image of black women and their portrayal by the mass media affects their lives. It reflects not only on these individual women and their stories, but how women as a whole are affected by caricatures and stereotypes.

The IDea Show also includes works by Pittsburgh artist Daniel Klein, Diana Gilon, Patricia Ezratty-Bailey, and Tel Aviv performer Tony Haddad. The free event begins at 6 p.m. and runs until 9 p.m.


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