Struggles Of Uninsured Illustrated At Healthy Artists Movie Poster Exhibition


On Jan. 4thHealthy Artists will kick off  their month-long juried Movie Poster Exhibition at Modern Formations Gallery during the Unblurred Art Crawl. The arts/social justice event seeks to bridge the gap between Pittsburgh’s artists, college students, healthcare advocates, and educators.

Led by Pittsburgh filmmaker Julie Sokolow, Healthy Artists is a digital venue speaking out against the injustices of the country’s current broken healthcare system through an ongoing documentary series focused on individual Pittsburgh artists discussing their current lifestyles, creative work, and frustrations and struggles with healthcare. Inspired by a love of classic movie posters and Criterion Collection DVDs, the organization mobilized 15 local professional artists and five student artists to design a movie-style poster around the series. Featured professional artists in the exhibit include Crystala Armagost, Stephanie Armbruster, David Bernabo, Seth Clark, Doug Dean, Corey Escoto, Jenn Gooch, Mundania Horvath, Jasen Lex, Steph NearyJim Rugg, Andy Scott, Lizzee Solomon, Laurie Trok, and Hyla Willis.  The student artists are Megan Kopke, Jing Liu, Jeremy Marshall, Ben Quint-Glick, and Abby Ryder.

Presented in collaboration with Be Well! Pittsburgh (Health Care Options for the Uninsured) and the University of Pittsburgh’s Original Magazine, the opening night event runs from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.  Guests can enjoy free food, drink, and music from the Harlan Twins. Health care advocates and educators, representing organizations such as Health Care 4 All PA and The Thomas Merton Center, will also be on hand to speak to young people and artists – two demographics heavily affected by the health care crisis – and  Health Care 4 All PA will announce the release of their economic impact study demonstrating how single-payer would benefit the Pennsylvania economy as well as offer affordable, quality health care to all Pennsylvanians. In addition, the top three winners of the exhibition will be announced and awarded cash prizes, and the first place design will become the official representation of the Healthy Artists documentary seriesThe exhibition runs from Jan. 4th to the 25th.



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