The Oaks Theater Gets ‘Struck By Lightning’


Local Glee fans will have a reason to sing when the Oaks Theater hosts a special preview of  Chris Colfer’s film debut, Struck By Lightning. On Jan. 6th – the same night as its red carpet premiere, and five days before its Jan. 11th release date – cinemas across the country will screen the high school comedy as part of a nationwide interactive event.


Directed by Brian Dannelly, Struck By Lightning follows high school senior Carson Phillips (Colfer), an ambitious student destined for bigger things than his close-minded small town could ever offer. He was on a path to greatness, but destiny had a different plan when he was suddenly killed by a bolt of lightning in his school parking lot. Carson recounts the last few weeks of his life via witty, insightful flashbacks, including a blackmail scheme targeting the popular kids in school that he concocts with his best friend (Rebel Wilson), and a home life that includes a mother (Allison Janney) who’s more interested in the bottle than her son’s future and an estranged father (Dermot Mulroney) who suddenly appears with a pregnant fiancée (Christina Hendricks). The film also features Sarah Hyland, Angela Kinsey, Polly Bergen, and Ashley Rickards.

Viewers will have the opportunity to ask Colfer questions during a live webcast at the conclusion of the film. Struck By Lightning shows at 8 p.m. Admission is $8, $6 for children, students, and seniors. Tickets are available for purchase at Ticketleap.


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