Bricolage Broadcasts Cult Movie Episode Of Midnight Radio

Over the past decade, Bricolage has produced a variety of adventurous theatrical experiences that seek to foster connections and alter perceptions. Among their many projects is the recently staged interactive performance piece STRATA, just one creation in a long, varied list of dramas, musicals, farces, staged readings, and play festivals. Beginning on Dec. 29th, the troupe combines theater and film when they close out the fourth season of Midnight Radio.

Presented as an old-time radio show, the series comes complete with original programs, jingles, fake commercials, and audience participation. For this episode, cult films The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Godzilla vs. Mothra  get the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment in a humorous live show. In it,  Bricolage overlays a new soundtrack and script on select snippets of the films, where actors perform dialogue written by Gayle Pazerski, Brad Stephenson, and Joe Lyons. It may not fit the traditional definition of theater, but it sure sounds fun.

Midnight Radio opens on Nov. 29th, and continues on Nov. 30th, Dec. 1st, Dec. 7th, and Dec. 8th. All shows begin at 9 p.m. Audience members can join the company at 8:30 p.m. for their signature Happy-Half Hour before each show. Admission is $25 for adults, $15 for students and seniors. Tickets are available for purchase on the Bricolage website.

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