University of Pittsburgh Looks At The Baby Business With ‘Made In India’

The University of Pittsburgh delves into the subject of transatlantic surrogacy with a screening of Made In India on Nov. 19th.

Presented in part by the Pittsburgh Consortium for Adoption Studies, the feature length documentary depicts the human experiences behind the phenomena of “outsourcing” surrogate mothers to India. The film follows the journey of an infertile American couple, an Indian surrogate, and the reproductive outsourcing business that brings them together. Weaving together these personal stories within the context of a growing international industry, directors Vaishali Sinha and Rebecca Haimowitz explore a complicated clash of families in crisis, reproductive technology, and choice from a global perspective. The film was shown on four continents and on PBS, and won best documentary award at the Florida, Magnolia, and San Francisco International Asian-American Film Festivals.

Made In India will screen at 7:30 p.m. in 5200 Posvar Hall.  Sinha and Haimowitz will introduce the film and take questions afterwards.



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