Obey House Ends Cult Cinema Series with ‘Six-String Samurai’

Who doesn’t like a good post-apocalypse story? From Omega Man to A Boy and His Dog, the Cold War generation created a fascination with often brutal, creative visions of the world following biological and nuclear destruction. Even after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, movies continued the tradition of imagining an alternate future where survivors battle it out across a barren American wasteland.

On June 18, Obey House will screen one such film, the 1998 minor cult favorite Six-String Samurai. Directed by Lance Mungia, the campy fantasy adventure takes place in a 1960s post-fallout Nevada, where Las Vegas (or “Lost Vegas”) has become the new U.S. capitol and Elvis rules over the land. When the King dies, a samurai guitar player named Buddy sets out to take his place, picking up a young mute boy on the way. Before the two reach their destination, however, they must face off against numerous foes, including Death and his gang of archers, Commies, cannibals, mutants and three lethal bowlers.

I’ve never seen this curious selection, but critics and viewers say its style is influenced by everything from Westerns to The Wizard of Oz to Elvis Presley musicals – they also point out its exceptional editing and cinematography. If you’re like me and seeing it for the first time, the Obey House should make it a memorable experience by supplying good company and a menu of nummy food and drinks.


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